The Perrenial Problem: Man

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Every man is born with a purpose and that purpose is to live his life to extent,

assert himself for the sake of satisfaction and attain his goal in order to achieve the

greatest perfection and happiness a man can fulfill in his life. But the sad part is, the

rational inquiry into the ultimate why's and whereofs make it confusing. " Who really am

I? " " Where am I going? " These questions frequently the reasons why man is faltered to

achieve what he has to. Just like the what the Buddhistic Teaching implies, that man

suffers from self-delusion and desires that are likewise false and futile striving of

deluded self. In short, desires cause man to be frustrated as long as he lives.

Buddha's untimely life's perspective is a curse and misery that we, human made

it. Being a false and futile striving, He firmly insisted that nirvanna ( salvation ) will only

be attained through life filled with rights and virtous.

Lao Tzu's conjecture ( TAOISM )

emphasized that paradoxes about man's tribulation and miseries are ways of living

naturally a simple life that has to be strengthen through love instead of hatred; good

instead of evil are the only way to give way for a man's assertion. Confucius striked that

life is not a delusion, as earlier mentioned by Buddha. It is definitely not a curse nor a

misery, but a living reality and a naturally priceless blessings to be surpassed to attain

satisfaction-destiny in a social life.

One of the Basic Themes of Existential Phenomenology, since it is based on

reflective analysis through existence, implies that MAN is conscious and is aware of the

world; can't be manipulated and should feel the essence as to exist. It counterpart

Buddha's saying that...