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Erika Vera

Aug 25, 2014

English 1

Something I've failed at would have to be freshmen year of high school. I failed all of my classes. My family and I were going through a very tough time. I had to start independent studies my first semester of freshman year because I was missing so much school due to the situation at home. It was hard basically had to be own teacher, and I'm not a very smart person. I decided since I had No one to show me I'd just blew it off. I sincerely do regret it so much that it actually bothers me. When I went back to school I had no idea what to do in any of my classes, I was struggling with the work, confused, and afraid. Everything was difficult for me I didn't do work I failed my finals it wasn't looking so good for me at the time.

Second semester came around and I finally got settled in school, but I was slacking on my work. I made new friends, got caught up in looks, and trying to fit I completely blew off all my school work again. I cared more about making friends than being a part of academic groups. I know from all the mistakes I'm making it was going to affect met later on during the years I'd have to try hard and be more dedicated to my work. I'd have to pay less attention on friends and more on my school work. I wish I had someone to tell me to focus a lot more to help me with my work and most importantly to support me. Now I'm my own support I'm going have to strive to get my credits and pass all my classes. Probably even...