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William Barron Hilton, Bill & Richard Marriott, Mohan Singh Oberoi, all started small. These multinational hotel chains' owners didn't just build themselves overnight, they used all their knowledge, skill and dedication, and it is this phenomenon that a hospitality management course would provide.

My eagerness to be a part of this blooming industry led to more questions, than answers. How, where and when to begin, were the core challenges that I was facing. These doubts presented itself in every avenue of my life and my counselor, parents as well as trusty ol' Google had been on the receiving end of all my queries; and as cliché as this might sound, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, seems to be the right path to take.

I have been informed of the university's small classes, which I am certain of would not only lead to more one-on-one interactions with my professors but also with my culturally diverse colleagues.

Finally through on-the-job training that I garner through the internships and conversations with fellow professionals in different fields working in the best companies, I will be able to gain the skillset necessary to translate my education into my goal.

Dedicated. The period after this word isn't to anger my fifth grade English teacher, but rather to portray how this single word defines every aspect of my life. I am that fat-kid running mile after mile on the treadmill every single day. I am that bookworm engulfing my Business book for the third time before my test. In my mom's eyes, I am that crazy son who wakes up at 4am to watch Manchester United play a football game.

A degree from you university would help to kick-start my future in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, as I hope and believe that it...