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Rolling a screwdriver aiming to open up his car to observe the difference between the cars that functions and the other that doesn't; 5-year-old Majd would do that whenever his toys stop functioning. Automobiles have always attracted me; I wasn't the kind of boys that sees cars as a toy to be pushed on a smooth ground, rather interested in the clever mechanism of operating such machine in real dimensions. I would observe the movement of the tires and think of ways to improve it. Discovering how to fix the disabilities of my toys was the mystery I enjoyed solving. Unlike other kids, I had preferred Top Gear over cartoons. My father ran out of answers to my endless questions regarding the components of a car, from the tiniest bolt to the surface hood. I always questioned his car's roaring engine and a couple of books later, I found that engines are made of many metal moving parts that diminish as they move. I started looking ways to lengthen engines lifetime. An over-whelming task for a 5-year-older, but I was enthusiastic to learn more about engineering.

Years after, the extraordinary modified vehicles in motor sport fascinated me: Rallies, Formula 1 and GT races. It was the engineering that made them capable of hitting high speeds over different terrains and still have enough steering power to take rough corners smoothly; this has only made me more curious about this magic. From a very young age, I had the dream of having my own brand of automobiles. I used to buy Volkswagen toys in which I'd take out the logo and rotate it so that it looks like my initial ''M''. The passion has grown up with me, it's not toys anymore, and it's now real cars. The deeper I go in...