Personalities and how they contributed to the origins of The Cold War

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Who caused the cold war? Focus; the role of each personality in contributing to the cold warTime frame: 1945 to 1952Cold war- period of intense tension and mistrust, leading to competition and confrontations.

Stand: both Stalin and Truman contributed to the cold war.

The key personalities that contributed to the cold war are namely Stalin and Truman,both in office in US and USSR respectively. both were responsible as their personalities and level of experiences contributed to their policies made, which heightened tensions and thus caused the cold war.

Personality traits like Stalin's paranoia gave rise to his expansionist policy, which hardline Truman viewed as aggression and tried to counter it in the Truman Doctrine and Marshall plan. Truman's low level of experience in dealing with Stalin also increased tensions and led to the cold war.

Stalin was aggressive and protective of the USSR as he was a true hardline communist and believed that Russia had to stay strongly communist.

However, the USSR was invaded thrice in no more than a century and also suffered civil war and intervention from anti-communist forces from 1918 to 1920, when communism as an ideology was at infancy. These anti-communist forces comprised of the West when they helped the Whites during the Bolshevik Revolution. From this, Stalin believed that the West wanted to destroy communism before communism became stronger. His mistrust grew as he became paranoid and thought of the West as a potential security threat this was because?? This prompted his embarking on salami tactics ( an expansionist policy) so that Communism would remain strong in Eastern Europe.

Gradually the Russians began to systematically interfere in the countries in Eastern Europe to set up pro-communist governments, in countries like Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania and Romania. Stalin felt that his actions were justified for the...