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The ability to attain celebrity status and succeed beyond one's imagination requires natural influences as well as skills learned; this is especially evident in the area of fine arts and music. Particular backgrounds and parental involvement during growth also create an environment which can be positive or negative, impacting moral and physical development. These are key elements in the shape and growth of traits for success or failure. To embody and retain the best of both involves patience and personal endurance; these people are few and far between. One particular individual is a man by the name of Saul Hudson, better known as "Slash"Saul Hudson was born in England. His parents moved to the United States, and settled in Hollywood, California, when he was very young. He never thought much of it, but his father was American and white, while his mother was English and black. His parents did very well for themselves.

They were celebrity entertainer who lived a wealthy lifestyle with the presence of illegal drugs. During Slash's youth he hung out with crowds that often encountered uninviting situations. Throughout his teenage years he developed the necessary attributes to take his guitar playing to the highest level, a "Rock God." During these years he was given the nickname "Slash" that stuck with him ever since his childhood. Currently, he is a member of a band called "Guns n' Roses." Slash is considered by many to be one of the most influential guitars players of the current generation (Bozza, 2007).

It would seem to be more fitting for a young man exposed to a great social atmosphere and surrounded by celebrities to excel and shoot straight to the peak of society's social ladder, but this was not the case. During his teenage years, Slash kept to himself and...