Persuasive Essay Advocation Pro-Choice.

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Morals are defined as standards of right and wrong. Unfortunately the majority of people base their morals on the bible. Thus, to say something is morally wrong is to reflect your own morals as acceptable, in opposition to others. Can anyone say close-mindedness?

Do you believe abortion is morally wrong? You can answer that, its your opinion. In my opinion abortion is not morally wrong and should be within a woman's choices when faced with a pregnancy. I am completely pro-choice. Pro-choice activists do not encourage abortion in any way, rather they acknowledge the avenues and implications and imply a certain flexability depending on each case. If you believe in pro-choice you believe in a woman's right to choose her own reproductive destiny, including abortion.

Do you think abortion is murder? Anti- abortionists rely on church and religion as proof that supports their arguments. Religion is not a concrete fact itself, but a belief; as a consequence, religion, as a belief, cannot support a belief that abortion is wrong.

Religion is a great thing, it gives faith to many people, however one does not have any proof about any religious beliefs medical science is a concrete fact. "Human life begins at conception", they say and that it is just a belief and nothing more., adoption, and motherhood, ythe right to all information, and reproductive health services. Think guys, do you remember the womb? I studied Christianity though not as throuroughly as a christian, and I am sure there is a "free will" mentioned in there somewhere that lets us do with our bodies as we please. I thought it was God who was in charge of morality and not the government. Besides that, since when has it become acceptable to impose religious beliefs upon the rest of society?...