Persuasive Rhetoric: The Death Penalty Should be Abolished

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Persuasive Rhetoric: Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, "God alone can take life because he alone gives it." When the government kills people, this shows how it violates the Act of Freedom. A criminal should be put in jail for life, but they should not be held against their will and die. Another quote that Gandhi said was, "An eye for an eye will make the whole World blind." This means that someone killing someone else will not make it better it will just destroy the whole World. The death penalty should be illegal because it is a financial burden on the State, State-Sanctioned killing is morally wrong, and there could be a wrongful conviction which would be irreversible.

The first reason why the death penalty should be illegal is because it is a financial burden on the State.

This is a major deal because when the state runs out of money it uses the tax payer's money. Is it okay to use tax payers so kill someone? Especially when someone has a life time sentence in prison than the cost would be $50,000 compared to the death penalty the cost is $200,000 which is 4 times more than the lifetime in prison. It costs at least $114,000 annually from the tax payer's money just for California. This is why it is not okay for the States to take money like this when that money could be used behind education, making more jobs available, or paying the debts off. If the death penalty was removed than the economy would even get better.

Another reason why the death penalty should be illegal is because State-Sanctioned killing is morally wrong. The states have no...