Pharmaceutical industry analysis in Hungary with the focus on Egis business policy and its competitors

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to highlight the current position of EGIS on the Hungarian pharmaceutical market and to work out a feasible strategy to meat its objectives in the near future. In this piece of work the tools of strategic analysis were applied. EGIS is currently second on the market 7.09% share. The main objective of EGIS Ltd. is to enter into new Eastern countries, keep the position in the existing Eastern and Western markets and try to be the market leader in the domestic market by undertaking Richter's leader position. EGIS follows focused expansion strategy and concentrates on the markets where it finds the largest potential for growth mainly on three markets: the Eastern, the Western and the domestic market. The most important thing is expansion on the domestic market which generates only 36.36% of total revenue. EGIS needs to milk its cash cows to generate substantial funds for their R&D budget in order to gain competitive advantage against the competitors.

EGIS will focus in the future on marketing the products to doctors and patients the same in order to gain patient confidence and allow them to initiate use of our pharmaceuticals

EGIS philosophy and structure

Generations have sought relief from illness and restored their health with the products of EGIS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and its legal predecessor. The pharmaceuticals factory has been in operation since 1913 in Keresztúri street, Budapest, where the foundations of research and production were laid by Dr. Wander. With tradition and modernity in mind the old building is as much a symbol of EGIS as are the state-of-the-art and human scale research based in Bökényföldi street, Budapest and the adjacent production facilities.

Following in the foot steps of its legal predecessors, EGIS has been producing cardiovascular drugs for 78 years. Hungarian...