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"Modernizing Filipinos saw the colonial policies of Spain as not only not the causes of the existing economic prosperity, but increasingly as positive hindrances preventing further progress and even threatening what had already been achieved" Though there was an enormous growth in the Philippine economy, there were hindrances preventing further progress and freedom. Rizal was in favor of the modernization of the Philippines, who would not? Modernizing will result to greater imports and exports in the country, more jobs and a decrease in poverty. The only people that hinder these effects of modernization are the friars. Possibly the reason why these friars hinder the further progress and freedom of the Philippines is because they are afraid that the Philippines might take her place among the proud nations of Europe. It will be a shame to the Spanish government that a colony like the Philippines will be at par with them, and perhaps be greater compared to them.

That's why they made a despotic government here in the Philippines; they want the progress of the Filipinos limited, these tyrants made policies that will suppress the freedom of the Filipinos, making them slaves, imposing higher taxes and anything that will hinder the development of the nation they once thought inferior to them.

In our present situation, same thing is happening. There are a lot of modernization projects and policies that the government is making for the improvement of our economy and to further boost the Philippines as a first world country. But this time it is not the friars who are hindering this improvement, it is the government officials themselves who hamper the further growth of the Philippines. The things is, these government officials are not Spanish, they are Filipinos themselves, it would be more understandable if they are...