The Philosophy of Visual Disability

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The greatest expression of the ultimate timeless civilisation of mankind, is the embodiment of unfeigned, absolute, active altruistic reverence for the universal equality, dignity and sanctity of humanity; the inability to perceive the declivity from behind an acclivity, or rather, the proclivity to infer the depth of a river from its breath is, no less, the antithesis, for verisimilitude isn't proof, but verisimilitude. To be or not to be then, being is but a metaphysical idiom with a being, whose interpretation bears no physical traits that bears not a being, much the same as the paradoxical question of visual disability: a metaphysical idiom with a physical configuration that is, however, open to misconstruction; by which misconstruction merely a scratch of the surface to whose bottom can be at the bottom of its sophistication; upon which sophistication its decipherment is bound to bring man to labour under a misapprehension; a misapprehension from which only appreciating the objective for the objective and the subjective for the subjective, can deliver us; a deliverance that can howsoever, never be granted by sweeping the objective under the subjective carpet; under which selfsame carpet the efficacious spearheads for the reclamation of the birthright of persons with visual disability lies ensnared, grimed with the ignorance, intolerance and indifference of man.

Better be it that one be one's own worst enemy than to bear a lifelong imputation to elsewhere; by which reason I am not to draw in my horns from meeting head-on the reality; the reality I believe, forasmuch as there is no land that is no-man's-land, its disclosure will be worth the weight of persons with visual disability in gold.

Expounding, then, the metaphysical correlation between the variant sociological and psychological make-up of human societies and the individuals of the societies respectively, vis-Ã -vis the idiosyncratic...