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Visuals Robert Silvers Photo 1 Robert Silvers' "Birth of Venus" 2006 Photomosaic is composed of thousands of tiny reproductions of famous paintings.

Photo 2 silvers-makes-photo-mosaics Photomosaics Robert Silvers' first book. Published in 1997. Cover, "Flamingo" is composed of 1000s of photographs.

Photo 3 Pope John Paul II Photomosaic Pope John Paul II 80th Birthday. This Photomosaic image of 8 stamps is made of 1000s of smaller images of the world's Catholic Churches.

Photo 4 Winnie The Pooh Puzzle Montage of lots of little images of A.A. Milne's Pooh bear; create one large Winnie The Pooh.

Photo 5 Cover of Newsweek, December 22, 1997 "Picture of the Year" Photo 6 Photomosaics® "If Leonardo da Vinci had lived in the computer age, he might have created Photomosaics. Instead, it was left to Robert Silvers to discover a digital way to combine art and science" (Hainer, 1997, p.

6) What Is A Photomosaic? Robert Silvers combined his love of photography, art and computer graphics to develop a software program called Photomosaics(1). "A photo mosaic is a picture made up of many smaller pictures. The small tile images can be seen up close, but at a distance, an entirely different image can be seen. Photomosaics are also referred to as photo montages, photo-tiled pictures, and photo tapestries" (Chastain, S., od/glossary/f/photomosaic.htm) (See photo 2).

According to Robert (1997), "The way to start a Photomosaic is to first have an idea... and then find content to make it from. This is one of the hardest parts -- getting thousands of images that you have permission to use. What my software then does is takes thousands of images and compares each one with each small region of an image that I am trying to represent. The photo...