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My research is about the differences and similarities of Bay Area Cities for the average maximum temperature and average total precipitation within January to December. Cities included in this research are San Francisco, San Mateo, Half Moon Bay, Redwood City, Woodside, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Jose, Livermore, and New Ark. The elevation varies between 10 ft. to 480 ft. Woodside has the highest precipitation and Santa Clara has the lowest one. Livermore has the maximum temperature and Half Moon Bay has the lowest one. These are very close to each other, but they do have lots of differences between temperature and precipitation.

The comparison between the temperature of these cities reveals that highest temperature belongs to Livermore and Woodside. Although there are differences in precipitation and elevation, but the temperature looks very close to each other. The difference between these two cities' elevation is 100 ft.,

but the location is far from each other. The lowest temperature belongs to Half Moon Bay and San Francisco. They located close to the Pacific Ocean and have almost the same precipitation and temperature, although the difference between elevation is 40 ft.

The other comparison is related to the precipitation of these cities. The highest precipitation belongs to Woodside and Half Moon Bay, Although they do have big difference in temperature for almost 20 degrees. Most of the cities in this sample have close similarities in precipitation except in Woodside, Half Moon Bay, and San Francisco.

This research shows the elevation is not the major factor for the temperature and precipitation. For instance, Redwood City with elevation of 30 ft. has almost the same temperature with Palo Alto with elevation of 20 ft. or Santa Clara with elevation of 90 ft. has different temperature with San Francisco...