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From the time I was a little kid I always remember my mom telling me that there is no better feeling than the feeling you get when you have helped someone. I really didn't start realizing what she really meant until about a half year ago. Most teenagers spend every vacation they get doing nothing, or doing something that really isn't all that good, but not me. Last year my birthday had just passed, and my mom had suggested that I do some volunteer work at the hospital. The last thing I wanted to do during vacation a week after my birthday was something similar to work but make no money for it. My mother, with her usual wisdom, said volunteer work would look good on a college application so I said sign me up. Everyday, not only would I be volunteering at the hospital during vacation, but I also had to go to work after that from 3 p.m.

to closing. Not many teenagers are willing to give up all of their freedom on their vacations just to help out. However, I've dreamed of being a physical therapist. The volunteer opportunity presented to me would allow me to get an idea of what my education after high school would lead to. I was allowed to shadowed a physical therapist and help her with her daily routine.

The first day, which was a Monday, I woke up bright and early at about 7:30. I got a coffee at Dunkin Donuts and then proceeded to drive to Miriam Hospital which is on the East Side of Providence. The parking situation was a little difficult. I had to park 2 miles away from the hospital and take a shuttle up to the hospital. I finally get to the hospital and I find...