Physics Lab Report Lab 1 Problem 4

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Sarah Weisenberger

PHYS 1301W Lab 1 Problem 4

Hunter Glasrud, Keith Min, Joseph Wheaton

September 16, 2014


Lab 1 Problem 4: Motion Down An Incline With An Initial Velocity

Sarah Weisenberger

September 16, 2014

Physics 1301W, Professor: Wynveen, TA: Straub


The motion of a car on a one-dimensional track was studied. The track had a slight incline as to allow the acceleration of gravity to produce a minor component to the track. The car was both released, with a zero initial velocity, and propelled, with an initial velocity, while the car's motion was recorded by a video camera. The motion of the car was then analyzed, using the recorded videos, to test the actual car's motion against the hypothesis of constant acceleration. Using the estimation of acceleration due to gravity,, it is probable to estimate what the acceleration and velocities should experimentally be close to. Then once the experiment is completed, the experimental values are compared to the mathematically solved values.


All quantifiable objects have a force acting upon them, some by gravity. Gravitational force yields an acceleration on all objects on the Earth's surface, the force is sloping towards the core of the Earth. An important portion of gravity that all should know is that the force provided by gravity is proportional to the mass of the object. An object put a force on another object, and the second object puts an equal but opposite force back on the original object. However, the force acting from the cart onto the track will not be exactly equivalent to the gravitational force, due to the degree of inclination. The acceleration of the cart is influenced by the cart's mass, the height of the ramp, the degree of inclination, initial velocities, and all of the forces acting on the...