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Fellow Canadians, almost ten years ago I stood here, while our nation was at great crisis. Our very democratic rights were threatened right in our very own land. Two innocent lives were at stake while violence enraged in the province of Quebec. Thanks to the brave efforts of many great Canadians, we were able to overcome that crisis. Today, our nation is at stake once again. The country we call Canada for over 100 years is at risk of breaking apart. The fate of our nation does not only lie in the province of Quebec, it does not only lie in the Canadian government, but the fate of our nation lies within all of us, the Canadiancitizens.

Canada is a unique country, founded by a clash of two cultures of European descent, with a blend of many others; A country which many of our fathers, our grandfathers and great-grand fathers helped built; The dream that our founding fathers envisioned, a multicultural nation, full of heritage, full of pride and full of opportunities had been met.

From the tough economic storm of the 1930s, to the cruel battlefields in Europe, from the threats of communism and a nuclear war to the terrorism endured in our very own land. Canada had always crawled out as one democratic nation, and we will do it again.

Mr. Lévesque dared to challenge the will of Quebecers. He dared asking them for their permission for him to try and break apart this country. First of all, it is something that I will not agree to. It is something that the rest of Canada will not agree to and it is something that Quebec will not agree to when it will answer with a resounding NO on May 14th.

No is the response when the rebels try to make us give in when they burned down the parliament in 1849. No is the response when the terrorists try to make us compromise using violence in 1970. And when the separatists once again questions the toughness of Canadians and our very own trust in our country, the answer, will always be the same. Not only from Quebec, but all of Canada; No, No, No!Make no mistake, there are many problems existing in the province of Quebec. There was a lot of tension between the French and English speaking Canadians in the province. There are many Quebecers concerned about putting food on their table. There had been an increased mistrust in the government. However, these are the problems that we can all fix as a nation. I will never tolerate anybody using this as an excuse to break apart our country. After this referendum, I promise to revisit our constitution, not only to protect the interest of Quebecers, but to prevent something like this to ever happen again.

As the prime minister of Canada, I will fight, fight with all my power, fight within all the legal means possible, and fight any attempts of separatism. I will not stand watching, with my very own eyes, while this country crumbles and fall apart. Someone asked me how far I'm I willing to go to protect the interest of our own nation? I said to him. Just watch me.

The separatists may succeed in altering Canadians' confidence, creating a distraction to our nation's interest. The separatists may succeed in giving us a painful reminder that we still got problems to fix in our country. But what the separatists cannot succeed in is taking away the Canadian pride. The pride shared by not only the French and English Canadians, but by Canadians of all cultures, of all religions. The belief that Canada is our home and native land, a nation that is truly strong and free.

So long that water still runs in the Canadian river. There will be one nation!So long that the sun still shines on the Canadian soil. There will be one nation!So long that this country's pride still runs in our Canadian blood. Mark my words, Canada will always remain one nation!So when you go and pick up that ballot. Make sure you vote no. Please vote no, for the better future of our country! Thank YouBibliography:www.wikipedia.comwww.cbc.comwww.cpac.com