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You have to be muslim

If you are a female you must have a mahrem (a man you cannot marry) with you

Be financially stable (have to have enough money, and not in debt)

Be physically healthy

Be sane and mature

Be prepared mentally

Educate yourself about hajj

Have all the materials you need (don't over do)

Don't complain

Avoid all sins

Be aware that you are taking this journey for the sake of Allah so that it may change your life for the better


Pray Salah before departure

One must be in the state of ihram and have intention with talbiyah at least 2 hours before reaching Miqaat (boundaries)


Fardh acts of Umrah: ihram, tawaaf (circulation of the kabaah 7 times from the black stone, counter clockwise), perform 2 rakats, and drink Zum Zum.

Wajib acts of Umrah: Sa'ee; walk betwwen Safa and Marwa (men have to run at the green light). Start form Safa and end at Marwa.


Women must cover the their whole body except hands, face and some may say feet

Men must wear 2 unstitched pieces of cloth; upper portion of feet must be exposed for men.

While in the state of ihram one must not cut hair or nails, kill or hunt, wear perfume, argumentation, sin, obscenity, or have sex.

1st day of Hajj , 8th of Dhul Hijjah:

In state of ihram with intention

Make sure all preparations are done by 7th

Leave for Mina after sunrise

Stay in Mina and perform Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and Fajr for the next day.

Engage in all forms of ibadah

2nd day of Hajj, 9th of Dhul Hijjah:

Leave for Arafat after sunrise.

Staying in Arafat (Wuqoof), anytime from midday to dawn next day is fardh

Pray Zuhr and...