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Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Málaga, Spain on October 25, 1881. Picasso's parents were Maria Picasso y Lopez and José Ruiz Blasco, a teacher of drawing and a curator. Picasso was a prodigy of his father so he "began to draw before he could speak"(Sirrocco). By age eight Picasso had took up painting with oils. He loved to illustrate the bullfights. When Picasso turned ten his family had to moved to La Coruña because of financial reasons. Picasso begins to study under his father who got a job teaching drawing and painting at a secondary school. Three years later they move to Barcelona and Picasso enrolls into "La Lonja" school of fine arts as a painter. In 1897 after a little recognition in school Picasso left for Madrid to attend the Royal Academy of San Fernando. Instead of going to Madrid Picasso began to wander aimlessly and became ill.

He wound up in, Horta de Ebro; a small village in the mounatains of Catalonia wear the most important knowledge of his life was acquired, maturing into ones-self. Picasso returned to Barcelona to begin his "final truth"(Sirrocco) paintings, most of dieing people. After his good friend Casagemas killed (shot) himself in a café Picasso began his "Blue Period". This period of his monochromatic blue painting which illustrated form in the composition and sentimental themes lasted three years. By 1904 Picasso finish grieving for his friend though his works and left for Paris to start a different journey. Living in poverty he became interested in textures and imagery. Picasso's theme became the circuses because their view on life in which they lived "poorly, but splendidly"(Sirrocco) this is also known as his "Rose Period." It has been said that, "On 25 October 1906, Picasso turned twenty-five. That date marks the completion...