PLains Indians

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During the second half of the nineteenth century the plains Indians faced many problems with the outstanding American growth rate, and were constantly in misery by the governments actions and recently discovered technologies.

Once westward expansion begun, thousands of Americans were going to Washington, California, and Oregon. They traveled by means of covered wagon and train. The Indians didn't seem to bother the white men too much, but the Indians felt like a pest was invading them. With the invention of the train Indians were constantly bothered by it's loud noise and scarring of their land. These trains divided their hunting ground, which was what they relied on to survive. Soon even white men were taking the Indians prey and just killing it if I got in the way or if they just had the urge to shoot something. This caused the buffalo to come close to extinction, which made the eating habits for Indians change drastically, and literally took the food they deserved.

Many inventions were being released, which in turn caused people to be most interested in this westward expansion. One of these inventions was the barbed wire. This wire helped keep cattle and sheep in place so they would not interrupt with farming, and keep everything more organized. This lowered the cost of setting up a ranching business, so in turn many easterners were attracted. Other inventions included the steel-tipped plow and the ability to draw water from underground. Water is the key in the west due to its very dry and hot climate. These inventions closed the deal for many easterners on the decision of westward expansion. The Indians would soon notice a massive increase in population and soon all their land was being sucked up by these pests.

Due to the invasion of...