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Showing the Edgar Allen Poe was a romanitc living in a Pre-Romantic literary period none

A wise man once said 'Artists are never before their time, they are the time and it is just the others who are behind.' This defines the career of Edgar Allan Poe, one the greatest and yet one of the least recognized authors in American History. Poe lived and wrote at the beginning of the 19th century. His writing style was innovative, different from the styles of other writer of that time. He dealt with topics that though often written about, had never been incorporated into one story. Poe is seen as a romantic writer, living in a time before the romantic era. Evidence of this style is found throughout many of his stories, ranging from tales of horror to stories of love. Poe incorporated many of the Romantic ideals into his writings, utilizing many qualities that were never seen before.

His works focus on four main motifs, Love, Beauty, Death, and Pride. These themes, when incorporated into one entire work, made up Romanticism, the thread Poe wove through every story.

One of the characteristics of romanticism is the admiration of beauty. Beauty was revered by Poe, he worshipped it in all its' manifests. Poe used beauty in almost all of his poems, often to describe a woman. In Annabelle Lee, To Helen, and Ligeia, Poe uses eloquent words to describe the objects of his affection. The beauty of the women in these poems was tremendous, not only physically but spiritually. Poe saw beauty in all things, and strove to incorporate it into all of his stories. Often, though, the object of great beauty dies. Poe does this on purpose, for to him, the death of a beautiful woman was the most romantic subject of...