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Emily Dickinson Regarded to many as one of the greatest American poets, almost none of Emily Dickinson?s poems were published during her lifetime, and her work got lots of criticism.

An increasing number of studies from different critical viewpoints are devoted to her life and works.

Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts. She lived her whole life in the town. She grew up with a lawyer as a father, and her mother was just a small quiet woman. She had been described as a quiet and frail woman. Dickinson started education in 1835, and Dickinson?s studies included courses in sciences, literature, history, and philosophy. Dickinson would remain living in the family home with her parents and younger sister. Her older brother and his wife lived next door.

It?s believed that Dickinson began to write poetry around 1850, and she visited out of the town rarely. She made a couple of visits to important places like Washington, D.C.,

and Philadelphia in the early 1950?s. She fell in love with a married minister in Philadelphia, and her disappointment in love made her become anti social, therefore making her have a non social kind of life.

Dickinson began to write a lot of poetry dealing with romantic insights dealing with her own problems. She would send out many poems to Higginson, who was the literary editor of the Atlantic Monthly, for his criticism. Dickinson would begin to become even more independent and anti social in the late 1860?s . She would refuse to leave her house, meet visitors, and she would wear white garments. This gave her a reputation between the neighbors. Her isolation became even more noticeable when her father died in 1874, and she was left to take care of her mother.

When her mother died in 1882, a...