A poem about a guy who cant get over the love of his life

Essay by mattleonard May 2005

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Cathrine - my only love

This is what I feel. I think it needs to be said.

Since the first moment I saw you, you just haven't left my head.

I never thought my heart could ever feel this pain.

I never though that love could drive a man insane.

At night I sit here, numb of all feeling,

I'm a wreck without you, never healing.

You never gave me a chance,

Not even a second glance

But still I know it can work, I know it is true

I have feeling for you, I do I do

Yet this is fantasy that won't come true,

This world is so cruel, but that's just my point of view.

I suppose this is what dreams are made of,

A shattered heart from the one I love.

But still I attempt to move on, without a hope in sight

Even the strongest fight, still wont make our love ignite