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Poetry/Songs--- D.I.A.

Expressing your inner voice is something that is overlooked in life. Through out the course of a day your mind scampers and searches over many topics you put in through. You may find yourself gazing out at a beautiful sunset, or watching the autumn leaves dwindle to the ground, but how do you pass this experience on to others that didn't have the opportunity to see what you had seen that day? Poetry in my eyes is the way that your soul speaks to the world. It has the ability to expresses your meaning deeper than you would have imagined. It has the power to gather what your soul is saying and bring it onto paper beautifully. It paints a picture without paint, it sounds noises not heard, and passes feelings in a poetic way.

I find writing poetry is a form of therapy. Everybody everywhere has those days where stress in unbearable.

The kinds of days were you have a million thoughts racing through your head. To me this is the perfect time to write poetry. It is a time where your mind is full of ideas and thoughts, and a time that ideas roll free from your pen. This is perfect if you have nobody to talk to, or you just plain don't want anybody to know what is going on with you. What I really enjoy about writing when I am in this stage is that it usually brings me to a conclusion because I am concentrating on it so hard. It seems to separate my problems or thoughts from the most important to the least important, and this way you can really focus on what it is you are thinking about heavily.

Besides for the fact that poetry can sooth your soul it also...