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I will begin my homework with the review of those factors which result in deterioration of a condition of the major components - atmospheres and hydrosphere

At all stages of the development the person was very closely connected to world around him. But since has appeared a society, dangerous intervention of the person in the nature and now threatens to begin global danger to humanity. The cost of irreplaceable kinds of material raises, more and more arable lands leave economy because on them people build cities and factories.

The most biggest significant is chemical pollution of environment by substances of a chemical nature unusual for it's. Some of them - aerosol and gaseous. Accumulation of carbonic gas in an atmosphere.

Causes alarm ecologists and proceeding pollution of World ocean by petroleum and the mineral oil, 1/5 of it is already covered by petroleum. Petroleum pollution

of this such can someday break hydrosphere and an atmosphere..

Chemical pollution of an atmosphere

Basically there are three basic sources of pollution of an atmosphere: the industry, household boiler-houses, transport. For every sources in general air pollution strongly different, depending to the place. Now everyone knows , that most strongly pollutes are air industrial production.

As source of a dust and poisonous gases mass explosive works serve.

The degree of air pollution by the basic polluting substances is in direct dependence on industrial development of a city. The greatest population can be in a city, which has more than 500 thousand people. Air pollution depends of a kind of the industry in a city. If in large city has much big companies which has several industries, will make the high level of air pollution, however the problem of decrease of emissions of many specific substances till now not solved.

Chemical pollution of...