"The Positive and Negative Effects of Imperialism"

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"You English committed one supreme crime against my people. For a hundred years you have done everything for us. You have given us no responsibility for our own government." (GANDHI)

India got a lot out of Imperialism, good and bad. The British found a lot of useful

Products in India but they also had put lots of time and energy into India. India had a great chance to thrive in this time and they did but it also came at some cost to them. So Imperialism did many positive things for the British and for India.

When the British found India they had the opportunity to get a whole lot of resources out of it and they took it. When they colonized India they got tropical produce by trading with the Indian people. They also got to control all of the resources in India and they had the power. The Mother Country eased its way into the government to gain control.

After they did this they turned India into there own little gold mine.

India had its good times and its bad times in the Imperialism era. Some positives they got were they developed their territory and they also had a chance to grow economically. India had started to trade with The British of goods and labor. They also took advantage of what The British could teach them in the facts of education, western thinking, sciences, and enhanced the way of living.

They also learned about transportation 40,000 miles of railway, 70,000 miles of paved roads. The irrigation in India was great for them like 30 million acres of cultivated crops and this greatly added to the agricultural wealth of the country. (DOCUMENT 4)

India was not yet civilized at the time of Imperialism so India stopped infanticide which is...