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Post secondary education does not just affect grade twelve students; it is the main focus of all high school students. Beginning in grade ten, students are exposed to a variety of subjects to help them choose what subjects appeal to them and what ones they can excel in. With this knowledge they can focus on courses in grade eleven that will help direct their future. By the time they reach grade twelve most students have an idea of what direction they are heading and will complete the courses they need in order to enter into the field of study they desire to pursue.

Once the field of study is decided it is time to choose what institution will provide you with the best education for you to be successful in your chosen career. If you are looking at a career in medicine, law or chemical engineering your only choice is to obtain a university undergraduate degree and then you may need to further your education with a master's degree; where as if you are looking at a career in carpentry or mechanics you will need to obtain your diploma from a college.

Sometimes the choice of secondary education is not as cut and dry as college or university, sometimes the career you are pursuing can be obtained from either institution, or a combination of both college and university.

In Canada the difference between college and university learning styles is narrowing as universities incorporate more hands on learning through co-ops and practicums, but there are still many differences between the two. Universities have a broader concentration, focusing on helping students to analyze material, research information, and think critically while presenting their ideas and reports. Collages provide a focused concentration that instructs the student in what they need to know and the...