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Rebecca McGinnis

The Paragon.

Proscenium Arch stage Includes Lighting and sound facilities, even a smoke machine The Paragon is a facility at Prestwich Arts College. The space doubles as a theatre and an auditorium, as well as many other uses. The large stage is 5 meters deep by 10 meters wide, with just over 2 meters further in the wings. The seating in The Paragon can seat up to 300 and is also electronically retractable, adding another example of the flexibility of the space. With a whole rig of professional theatre lights, a P.A. system that produces great sound, a drop down screen and 2 proficient projectors all available for hire. You can get to Prestwich Arts College by bus, car, tram, taxi. The school is about 2 minutes away from Prestwich Metrolink. The paragon has free parking from the school car park and has wheelchair access. It has its own entrance into the corridor before the paragon.

Rows of seats that fit up to 300 people - can be wheelchair accessible. Has double doors entering The Paragon with fire doors on the other side of the entrance. Corridor can lead to the either Paragon or Bracewell Studio where refreshments are served. Bracewell studio holds roughly around 200 people.

The Portland Hotel.

The Portland Hotel is Located a five minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly station. The Portland provides an ideal venue for business meetings and events or family occasions. The largest function room, the Lakeland Suite, seats up to 300 delegates theatre-style. The size of the Lakeland is 16.8 x 16.55 and 2.59m high. All of conference rooms come fully equipped with Air-conditioning, LCD projector and screen...