"The Power of Gasification" Research paper, explaining how gassification works and history of coal energy.

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Throughout the years, there have been many way of producing energy for the service of man. One important source of fuel comes from the carbon compound coal. There are many ways to extract the energy out of coal, but one that will be a common household term in the near future is Coal Gasification. Although this highly organized way of energy extraction has been around for some time, it is finally receiving the attention it deserves. The old fashion way of coal burning had many weaknesses, which is why a cleaner, more complex way of energy extraction was developed. Coal Gasification produces energy in greater surplus, while staying environmentally friendly by keeping the overall pollution at a very small percentage. The gasification of coal is the future to all of our energy needs.

The history of the usage of coal is a lengthy account. Before the heavy usage of coal, wood was the main supplier of energy for most of the United States. However, being a poor supplier of energy, people searched for a better resource. Coal usage then started to progress, but was only utilized by blacksmiths and iron workers. The reason for this dealt with their constant need for high temperatures to liquefy metals. At this time the only known location of coal mines in the United States were located in Virginia and Pennsylvania. However with the production of the steam engine railroad, coal became the sole reason for its popularity and existence. Trains were powered by steam engines, which burned coal directly. This process of direct was quick and constantly required more pieces of coal to keep the train moving, and produced lots of toxins to be introduced in the air. But the on the good side, the railroad connection helped carry coal to distant...