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Predictions for Turkey The developing country of Turkey has under gone immense changes over the past few centuries. For quite some time, between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries, when Turkey's great Ottoman Empire established a "Pax Ottomana" on three continents ruling over many nations. Yet, all came tumbling down once the Ottomans entered WW1 as an Axis Power. After the war came to an end, the Ottomans emerged defeated and were forced to sign numerous treaties. In the result, the Allied Powers carved the Ottoman Empire into pieces. Only a little scrap of Anatolia was left to be the actual Ottoman State. Then, with the help of a nationalist leader named Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the people were able to rise up against the numerous countries taking control of their own land and established a new nation, which is now known as Turkey. Still now, Turkey continues to progress and will continue on.

Turkey is a country with many factors working in its favor in order to become a powerful and industrialized nation. These factors include, growing population, literacy rate, natural resources, trade, and economy. The first important factor to consider when determining the future progress of Turkey is its population. Turkey's population as estimated for the year 2000 is approximately sixty-six million. The birth rate in Turkey is nearly triple the death rate, however there is a five percent infant mortality rate resulting in an annual population growth of a little over one percent a year. This growth rate insures that the population of turkey will continue to increase at a healthy rate, thus Turkey will continue to grow, but not at a rate outside of its means. The next factor influencing Turkey's further development is the gross national product, and the gross domestic product. The gross national product...