Prejudice and Discrimination

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All the way through history, people have found small, weak groups to discriminate against. This ritual of prejudice and hatred still survives today. We position ourselves with the sufferers and advocates to prevent discrimination of any kind. We explore and expose these people who would use prejudice against a person, based on his or her skin color or religion. We confront the governments and the people who have seats in power to stop offensive systems and value all human rights law. People are mainly discriminated against because of their race or gender but there are other forms of discrimination like religion and ethnic groups.

South African people no matter what race or ethnicity enjoy music just as much as the people in the United States like religious, jazz, and other popular singers. Most Africans enjoy the foods Americans eat like hamburgers and curly fries but there are some things like an Afrikaner sausage which is a substantial piece of sausage which can be cooked numerous ways and seasoned to taste that they like to eat.

Some inhabitants of South Africa cook a dish know as curry which is eggs, meat, and fish served in a spicy sauce, some believe it is an acquired taste. Beer is commonly consumed in South Africa mainly at Braai which is a barbeque. Other than beer most African people drink water and soda along with the occasional glass of wine if it can be afforded. Barbeques which are part of their culture are quite common for people to get together have fun and eat mainly Afrikaner sausage.

The split of the current day socioeconomic positions in South Africa holds back the country from conquering the influences of apartheid and progressing onward. As a result, South Africa is continuing to battle numerous extensive issues, like the...