Prejudice and Discrimination

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Man is born with preconceived notations about almost everything they encounter, whether that notion happens to be voluntary or not. Prejudice is best described as the belief that people are inferior to another or a different group (Baird 6). It is a form of hatred, along with bigotry, racism, discrimination, and the formation of stereotypes. When the word prejudice is brought up in a conversation, it may be believed to only refer to prejudice often seen between dark and light skinned people. However, prejudice is much deeper than a person's color. The types of casual bonds between attitudes and actions can be seen in prejudice. Language, usually slang, is often used in an attempt to de-humanize groups of people (21). Instead of joining the human race together, it pushes them apart.

In some situations, prejudice leads to discrimination. Discrimination is in general, the discernment of qualities and recognition of the differences between things.

It can be found in places such as the workplace, education facilities, and in politics. Discrimination can sometimes show itself in delicate ways that are very difficult to prove or acknowledge. People should be judged according to their actions, but in reality a society judges others according to other characteristics such as race, gender, sexuality, and religion. These types of discrimination are illegal in many western democracies (Preston 8). There are a few reasons as to the root of discrimination. One motive as to why people discriminate against others, isto keep their group of people in control. Another reason is that discrimination is a result of contest. All groups of people are in an incessant competition with one other and the success of one group of people directly causes the failure of another (Elk 3).

Discrimination is not only found in real life, but also can be...