A Present for Father's Day

Essay by vincent1031 June 2004

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Last Sunday, I went to an English-study report. A little girl and her father sat behind me. They were discussing the meaning of an English word shown on the screen. On hearing their conversation, I recalled my happy childhood with my father.

As a small child, I was blessed with the dear father who is profound and patient. He often taught me some English words at the time, which made me become interested in English. Consequently when I went to primary school, English became my favorite subject. Moreover I still remember that everyday dad recorded a TV programme we both liked very much on video for me, and then we watched it together at lunchtime. It was an interesting programme, which told historical legend.Also in summer vacation, dad took me into the library of the university where we lived frequently, in which I've read almost all the ancient Chinese myths. And dad worked on extensive academic books at the same time. During term time, mother and I sometimes accompanied dad in his office till a late hour. From then on I understood that dad worked with great effort. There're still too many precious memories for me to list here, which I'll cherish in my heart.

However, when I became a teenager, I got capricious. I feel regretful and apologetic about all the things I did that made dad felt unpleasant.

Times flies and I'm twenty now. As I'm growing older, I realize that the most outstanding person is right by my side--my dad. And I become different myself. I' m now a grown-up who knows one should be independent. I have my own goal in life. Therefore I'll exert myself so as to become versatile. Dad is aging gradually. Unfortunately, he is suffering from heart attack every now...