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As a good and successful oral presenter, one must know a few ways to capture the audiences' heart. So, how to have an effective oral presentation? In my point of view, there are three ways of leading one becomes a good oral presenter. These three ways are determining who are the audience, preparation of speech and the use of audio-visual facilities.

First of all, determining who is the audience. As a good presenter, one must know who is the audience for the presentation. To start with, one must do research on what is the age group of the audience that one is giving the speech to. Other than that, knowing about which field they are in is also a very important factor to have an effective oral presentation. For example, if an oral presenter is going to give speech to a group of lawyers, he should talk about what a professional lawyer do avoid talking about what a doctor do.

Before one gives a speech, he should have details of the audience first and decides how to address the audience. With a good address to the audience, this may attract the audience attention to your speech.

In the second place after determining the audience's identity, an oral presenter must prepare his speech, which will be delivered to the audience. Before one prepares his speech, he must do research on the topic that he wants to talk about. He must master the topic first before preparing his speech. In preparing the speech, he should also include the facts and good examples as these may attract the audience attention. For instance, talking

about respecting those who are handicapped, the facts about how the famous Helen Keller who was blind but gained respects from all over the world. So, the point...