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During President Bush's State of the Union Address he discussed may topics including the economy, education, taxes, homeland security, trade/faith and charity based groups. These were his 5 major goals during his speech.

The first thing President Bush addressed was "The Economy." He said that the United States needs to defeat the recession, to bring the economy back to full strength. Also he said that congress needs to restrain spending, and act "fiscally responsible." Then he said that we need to extend unemployment and health coverage for the people who may be unemployed or who cannot afford health coverage. Finally he Said that "jobs", steady paychecks= prosperity.

The next item he talked about was "education". Education reform was a major part in his talk about education. He said, " No child should be left behind." And that they should put and end to "bipartnership" or were parties don't get along.

Finally he said that there should be more headstart and early education programs, and teacher training should be updated.

After education he talked about "taxes". He purposed a "Tax relief policy" or refunding of checks to people. Another item he purposed was an end to the death tax (estate tax). He also purposed welfare reform, the people on welfare should have the "dignity of a job." The other various items he is pressing are healthcare for veterans, Medicare and prescription drugs for senior citizens, and a patient's bill of rights just to name a few.

The most important item he addressed was "Homeland Security." After the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the WTC this was the main focus of the speech. He stated that we need to crack down on the nearly 8 million illegal immigrants in the US. Also we need to improve airport security, and infiltrate these terrorist groups...