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Presidential Debate

There were many issues in the debate. I have decided to pick out a few of them and tell you what candidates's response was to the issue at hand.

Plan for victory against Iraq? This was the question Bush went first and said, " Believes that we should continue the plan that we have started." Then Kerry's response was" that the war was the wrong place and the wrong time to go in and do it."

The next issue was homeland security.

Kerry believes we should increase the safety of Americans. Things like planes, police, fire, nuclear chemical plants. Thinks that bush cannot continue at the pace he is going at.

Bush then thinks not enough money is there to support Kerry's plan. Believes that Kerry's plan is unrealistic. USA has to stay on the offensive side to ward off terrorist attacks.

The do we bring the troops home from Iraq? Bush says that US troops are training Iraq citizens to survive on their own.

Wants to bring the troops home only when his objective has been achieved. This is part of the plan to win the war on terror. Then Kerry said that he has a four-month plan to bring troops home. He is against $87 billion plan to end war.

Are Americans dying for a mistake? Kerry says no he agrees with bush. Wants to keep allies together to an agreement. Bush believes that the commander in chief must be 100% supportive of the war to be successful and to be taken seriously. 30 nations standing together in support of the war on terror and troops.

Relationship with American people? Kerry feels bush rushed the war. That we also need fresh start and a new community to win the war on terror. Bush believes the right...