Presidential Scandals In the Last 30 Years.

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Over the years, there have been many presidential scandals. Some have been recent and others happened over thirty years ago. In 1972, Richard Nixon was accused of tapping the other party's phone and breaking into their office. In 1986, Ronald Regan was involved in the Iran-Contra affair, in which the United States sold arms to Iran in exchange for their hostages. The most recent one was in 1998- only five years ago. Bill Clinton was charged with lying under oath when asked if he had an affair with an intern. These presidents lost the trust of Americans because they felt that the government lied to them.

Nixon had wanted to win the presidential election big and he had many people do illegal things for him. In June of 1972, five of Nixon's workers were caught breaking into the Watergate office where the Democrats headquarters were. The five men wanted to tap their phones and listen to all their plans.

It was realized that those men worked for Nixon and they immediately thought that he was involved too. He denied it but then tried to get rid of evidence by bribing the five men. He even bribed the CIA to stop the FBI investigation of the break-in.

About half a year later, the Senate started to question Nixon and began to look into it. The Senate interrogated his staff and committee. One of the president's advisors, John Dean, told the president that he had to pay the burglars or they would talk to the Senate. Nixon agreed and said that he'll pay the hush money. More and more information was being brought up and Dean thought that he should tell about Nixon and all his illegal activities. He said that Nixon was involved for a very long time, but Nixon...