Pride and Prejudice vs Bride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice vs Bride and Prejudice - More than a change of One LetterThe film, Pride and Prejudice directed by Joe Wright, had more of a natural tone setting and feeling to it. The scenery really draws the audience in by nature and the assumed innocence of the characters. Bride and Prejudice directed by Gurinder Chadha, is considered to be a Bollywood style movie. Bride… had a complete makeover of Pride… with an Indian traditional style twist. The main characters in both films were Lizzie (Lalita in Bride…) and Darcy. Both films were shot on location in the United Kingdom; with a few shots of Bride… shot in the United States. The director used a lot of colors and symbolism in this movie. After reviewing both films, the claim about marriage became very evident that marriage can be beneficial to everyone involved.

Women of the society in Lizzie and Latlita's time were greatly disadvantaged compared to men.

These factors put the women in a situation were they had to find a wealthy man who then becomes their economic salvation. Marriage was a condition which was seen as the most important act in a women's life in their society. The woman was seen as being successful if she was married to a wealth bachelor. The unmarried women were considered of lower status to married women and were doomed to the unhappy life of being a governess. The prime example of this would be the marriage of Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins in Pride…. Charlotte is in a frantic need of financial security that she is willing to obliterate her own life by marrying a arrogant butthole like Mr. Collins. Charlotte knows she is not getting any younger, so her chance of marriage is slim to none. She knew that Mr.