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The "made for TV Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau" was born on 18th of October 1919, in Montreal, Quebec.

With his richly blessed parents he made it across the globe. He studied law in the University of Montreal, got a

master's degree in political economy at Harvard University, then from there studied at Ecole des sciences politiuques

in Paris, France from 1946 - 1947. Also after this he transferred to the School of Economics in London England for an

academic year (1947 - 1948.)

It seemed that he cam out from no where in the 1960's, but for the Quebecios he was a formidable presence.

His father was a wealthy Quebecios and his mother of Scottish decent, giving him the bilingual, multicultural

personality of Canada. After a year backpacking throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Far East, Trudeau

returned to Canada, where he worked in Ottawa as an advisor to the Privy Council.

Later he returned to Montreal

where he and others worked with labour unions, championing the rights of workers during the violent Asbestos Strike

in Quebec, and attacking the repressive regime of the Union Nationale under Premier Maurice Duplessis.

Later in 1965, the federal Liberal party was looking for candidates from Quebec. Trudeau and two of his

friends, Jean Marchand and Gerard Pelletier, were invited to run in the federal election that year. Trudeau was the least

known of the group that quickly became known as "the three wise men." Marchand, Pelletier and Trudeau all won

their seats in the 1965 federal election. Trudeau, as Justice Minister, worked closely with Prime Minister Lester

Pearson, and he seemed to take a father like interest in the bright young man from Quebec.

When Pearson resigned as prime minister in 1968, Trudeau signed on as a candidate for the...