Privacy vs safety. this essay is about exactly what the title says, such as in schools and so forth. relating it to 1st amendment and problems that occur. pro privacy

Essay by kellnerj February 2004

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Declaration of Safety In Schools

Many students complain that their First Amendment right to free speech and their Fourth Amendment protections of privacy are unfairly restricted while they are in school. Many back the Supreme Court's decision in 1969, that states that "students do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or the protection of privacy at the schoolhouse gate." But, it also went on to say that "School officials may curb student speech or privacy when it materially and substantially disrupts the daily operation of schools." Many things go unnoticed by the administration. Many times these activities are illegal or not promoted by the administration, and can be stopped by searching and infringing on some of the "rights" that people have outside of school. Many children and their parents seem to state that it is not fair that these restrictions/precautions occur. Well, life's not fair, life's not safe, and if they want to keep their unfair lives safe, then these precautions have to occur.

It seems school shootings are happening more and more these days, and that it is because these precautions are not being upheld. It seems whenever the rules and precautions are being put into effect, the narrow- minded children and adults get in the way. It seems that if the parents and children would stop complaining about their rights being taken away, then it seems that less lives would be taken away. Many lives could be saved if a search had been performed and they had found something in any one of these shootings. Supervisors in many states have begun to search students lockers, because there is always a reason to search, weather it's the students locker or belongings, to ensure the safety of our schools. Even if they don't find anything, they are...