Private Novel Assessments "The Dead of the Night" By John Marsden

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Character Profile:

Name: Ellie Linton

Age: 16

Family Background: Ellie came from a caring, loving and close Australian family unit. She was an only child and the family lived and worked on a farm. They cared for her very much and she realised that, appreciated it and returned the care they gave her.

Main Physical Traits: Ellie is about 5 foot tall, has dark brown hair, is slim and has a light complexion.

Favourite Sayings: -

Main Interests: Ellie likes driving as it relaxes her and gives her a false sense of power as she has total co-operation of all the passengers and the car. Writing in her journal releases her feelings in a way she could not do in her head and she finds it a good way of expressing herself. As indicated in this quote "It gets stuff out of my head and heart and puts it on paper."

Main Character Weaknesses: Ellie is emotional disturbed by cold-blooded murder because when Lee and Homer committed murder she went through a mix of emotions such as hate, sadness, blame and regret. Ellie is very bad at comforting people, as she is not a very sensitive person.

Developments or Significant changes: Ellie changed and developed greatly during the novel. At the beginning of the story Ellie had never been exposed to the brutality of death. When an enemy soldier followed Fi (her friend) through the bush Ellie hit him across the head with a log. Unfortunately she put him into a critical condition. When Lee (her boyfriend) saw him, he became impatient and without remorse or approval from the others he stabbed the soldier to death. This situation made Ellie feel many different emotions such as sadness, anger, regret, blame and thinking the death of the soldier was her fault.