Problem Identification and Goal Analysis

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Problem Identification and Goal Analysis

Nova Southeastern University

January 26, 2007

Table of Contents

Instructional Problem . ....... . 3-5

Goal Analysis . . . . . ... ……….6-7

Reference . . . ... ……………… 8

Instructional Problem

A problem that I think can be solved with computer assisted instructional intervention is the use of Information Technology (IT) by high school students. This is a problem that is occurring not only in suburban areas but more so in urban areas. It is a problem with Underprivileged youth as compared to the privileged. When I say proper use I mean being able to use all the functions of a computer, not just being able to download music.

As a high school teacher at an inner city school I have noticed that a lot of my students do not know what PowerPoint or excel is used for. They have no idea how to send an email.

Majority of my students have never seen the inside of a computer! One lesson that I taught was how to create a simple PowerPoint presentation. Some of my students were asking me what they would use this for. Being able to deal with and exploit information technologies (IT) is becoming a core expectation of literacy and social functionality. Fluency in technology has become an integral component of the job market today. Computers are now commonplace as desktop resources throughout the world, and e-mail is replacing fax as a standard form of business operation. Student's computer-mediated retrieval needs, range from tomorrow's weather to my space. They have no idea what Microsoft office is used for, much less what to do if they get a simple virus. As new technologies arise our urban youths fall to the wayside.

The main reason that this is...