Problems Facing Hill Sheep Farmers

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1) Hill sheep farmers lose $4000 a year under the proposed schemes.

2) According to the new plan it restricts the numbers of sheep and cattle kept on the hills and moors return for $100 million a year in governments subsides will affect some of the poor farmers of the land.

3) Farmers financial suffering reasons as follows:

Low cattle prices due to beef crisis.

Slump is sheep

Lamb prices causes by strength of pounds

Sluggish exports.

4) The report recommend that reducing the number of sheeps and cattles on hill farms allow natural vegetation which benefit the wild life. This subsides can be converted into an expanded environmental scheme for the uplands.

5) Dear Auditor of the Local Newspaper,

I am writing this letter to arguing against the plan to subsidy cut for the hill farmers. When the plan is implementing it will affect farmers life. It will increase the burden of the life of farmers.

When the number of sheeps and cattles cut down- them income will be less. They are not getting much benefits from the farm- as they are at primary level. They selling the product for cheaper price- all the benefits are going to the bigger companies, purchase the product from the farmers. Poor farmers, they are spending their whole life in the farm and getting only minimum benefits. In this case if the government cut short the subsidy - what benefits they get. Every year lots of sheeps and cattles die of disease and accidents. So the only source can help this farmers is the government only. In this situation if the government cut short the subsidy - low much problems this poor farmers have to face.