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There are so many people in the world who wish to throw there computer out of a window. Why this you may ask its simple either there computer is not functioning right or its not performing correctly or the user is not computer literate. If you fall under that category maybe its time for a change build you own computer. Do not stop reading yet because building a computer is not brain surgery it is far from it.

When starting a task like building a computer you will need to purchase need parts. There is hardware needed and some software. Hardware is any part of the computer that you can physically touch whereas, software you cannot like a disc would be software. Let's start with hardware. There is a base of seven key components inside a computer; Motherboard, RAM, Hard drive, Power Supply, Case, Video Card, and Processor.

Here is the rundown on the parts needed for the process. Motherboard is the biggest chip inside the pc which everything is connected to like a central control station. RAM (random access memory) are thin chips that are 6" x 1.5" these are used to speed up the pc. Hard drive this is where all your information is stored unlike RAM this is permanent memory until you delete anything on it. Powers supply a very simple part the unit which powers the computer. Video Card this is another chip that is connected to the motherboard and is used to process an image onto your screen when using your computer. Case the actual aluminum box that all these parts nest in. Last But not least is the Processor the most expensive part this is the brain of the computer it is 2"x 2" and is a very complicated piece of technology...