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Depicting A Process Paper

The first thought of dread enters your mind and throws your body into uncontrolled shock. I can't believe he wants us to write a stupid process paper. Writing a story that consists of a story using directions is at the least, "Boring!" Understanding the assignment a process paper is, at best simple. I am sure everyone has written the directions to something at least once in their lifetime. That is exactly what a person is doing when writing this type of paper.

First, go get yourself a sheet of paper, or for those high tech student's a new Word document page, will suffice. Word also has spell check, for those of you that are spelling illiterate, and a grammar helper, in case, you're grammatically inept. I am going to elaborate on the steps to writing a process paper, hopefully with a bit of entertainment and integrity.

The first step in writing any paper is gathering the materials you need to write the paper.

Next, finding a well lit comfortable area is usually on the agenda. Also, one very important thing to remember here is finding a place that will spark your creativity. After all there are so many things you can write the process of doing, from teaching your child how to wipe his butt, to climbing Mount Everest. Everything everyone does has a process to it, even going to school, so that, "want fries with that" is not your final destiny. Then again, maybe some people may like working at the big M. Now that I have given a variety of ideas for your paper, including working at the big M, and hopefully your finished doodling, you should have come up with a topic for your paper. If you are having a problem...