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Any outspoken that people gives to someone or from one person to another person. It's about attire, knowledge and the most important thing is information that given by one person to others. Communication also may involve more three person including the linguistic and non-linguistic forms may occur through spoken or other modes;

Professional Communication

It all about written, oral, visual discipline, digital communication within the workplace. There are professional communication in theories and most of them are practical. Services and organized can produce an effective professional communication. The professional communication is called as a 'communication in professional contexts'

Types of Professional Communication

Nowadays, professional communication field grows faster than time. The previous professional communication are only the verbal and oral communication. Today, it is expanded to digital and technical communication. Besides, communication skills are vital to all professional careers because it may involve in one form or another.

Verbal Communication

For the effective verbal communication includes the ability to speak fluently to other people, simple words, to have more confidence and of course to communicate in manner appropriate for some official ceremony. The verbal communication at the occasion is differ from the situation while go for lunch, chatting, working as a customer service representative or out off for office event. The vital communication also important in comment to other people and offend them in appropriate language.

Public speaking

Another types of professional communication or making a presentation to a group of people is public speaking. The example of characteristic that people have to show while presenting something are, the presenter must be prepare the speech to fit with the audience. There are some different when we present to high school students and workers. The words must not be too high standard for students and try to make some...