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Essay by bhulabhai July 2004

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A Miscommunication Experience

The miscommunication that I will describe here occurred in the course of my employment. During part of the day I am in charge at a hospitality facility. I must meet the public, look after bookings both by phone and in person, and supervise minor staff. The miscommunication occurred between an individual and myself whose job it is to clean the swimming pool at the facility. Therefore, I will place this communication story under the heading of communicating with a fellow worker, since management of the facility pays both parties. I will list the six phases of the communication process as part of my answer to the question, "What went wrong here?"

In the first place, we must develop an awareness of social expectations in the communications process. This means in this case, I expected a certain response to the pool cleaner and he expected something on my part.

The point at issue was parking his vehicle. I expected simple cooperation. What did he expect when he parked in front of the office door blocking ingress of customers. In this case I am the sender (encoder) and he is the recipient.

In the second place, we must learn to make sense of the information presented as well as to be able to communicate what the other person can understand. The man told me that he had come to collect payment and that he was not parking his truck. I repeated my request that he park his truck in a spot provided for service near the pool. In this case the signal (transmission) is a request to take an action.

In the third place, we must always try to see new possibilities for communicating. The pool cleaner simply repeated his statement to the effect that he had come to...