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There are a variety of different personality traits which a computer programmer should possess, by having these traits individuals who fill this job position may find that their daily workload is minimized much more quickly than if they lack these traits. The first trait which computer programmers should possess is an analytical mind. Since they will have to analyze the programming process every step of the way, possessing a trait of this kind will make their job much easier. Having an analytical mind will help a programmer see many solutions to one problem.

Another positive trait for computer programmers to possess is a good attitude towards teamwork. Many computer programmers need to work side by side with others in the computer department so if the individual has a good teamwork attitude they are certain to make their days progress smoothly. Some companies might designate one part of a program to one employee while another employee works on another, without a good teamwork attitude the company would never see a completed program.

Computer programmers should also be efficient communicators. Many of the individuals who fulfill the role of computer programmer will find themselves as a type of liaison for various individuals such as members of the general public and company employees. They will help these individuals to not only understand the computer programs but to walk them through ways that they can correct any problems they may have with the computer programs. An individual who possesses good communication skills will find that this trait comes in handy in their daily job duties.

Although some programmers may work on a team sometimes it is required that the programmer works by their self. So a computer programmer should also be self motivating and must be able to work well alone.

A systems analyst...