The Progression of Nazi and White Supremicst Thought Throughout the 20th Century. (12.5 page paper, 21 pg total including apendixes)

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The Progression of Nazi and White Supremacist Ideology Throughout the 20th and Early 21st century.

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Inter-cultural communication semester 1

In the late 1930's, Adolf Hitler commanded a vast army that was poised to unleash their Füher's tyranny across the continent of Europe, and it was hoped eventually the world. In the war that followed millions of soldiers and millions of innocent victims, Jews, blacks, gays, gypsies and others died, but at the end of the war in Europe Hitler was also dead, and it was hoped that his ideas of a superior Aryan race would die with him, however Hitler's ideas continue the live and thrive today. In America the Nazi ideal, a world of pure white blood, has continued to thrive throughout the 20th century and persists today.

In 1925 Hitler wrote Mein Kampf while stewing in a prison cell, it is a book full of fury and wrath.

Hitler makes his thoughts clear writing of the Nazi party, "By no means believes is an equality of the races" he wrote that it is the duty of those given superiority (Whites) to, "Demand the subordination of the inferior and weaker."(Grant, 27). When Hitler was released from jail he cruised the German pubs and taverns and found fellow like minded individuals, he used his recently discovered gift of speech to sway individuals to his cause. He used a fear of Communism to sway the support of German nationalists and in a few years his ideas of Nazism spread throughout Germany and the world. Now in the late 1990's and early 21st Nazism continues to be a surprisingly popular ideology.

In the late 1930's Hitler has built Germany into a Nazi machine, but he also had supporters in the America. They were called the Bundists-members of several pro Nazi...