Prohibiting The Dumping Of Babies

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While reading an article in class, the issue of dumping babies was discussed. This article speaks of changing the current law of prohibiting the dumping of babies to allowing mothers to drop their newborn baby to any hospital. With this issue I say it is wrong to change this law, women who dump their babies should face criminal charges. But there is also another side, lawmakers say that dumping babies to acceptable places can save babies.

When a woman knows that she is pregnant, she has a few months to decide if she wants to have an abortion. If she feels that the few months to decide if she is an unfit mother is too little, she can then decide to carry the baby and then give it up for adoption. Dumping the baby after birth in police stations, bus terminals, churches, and even garbage cans is wrong. Allowing a mother to do this is sending out the message that it is OK to be irresponsible.

If a mother is going to end up doing this why didn't she get an abortion or give the baby up for adoption? Since the mother did not act responsibly she should face criminal charges, she is responsible for the life she brought into this world until the baby is 18 years old.

Dumping babies can also be a way to save babies, but babies would have to be surrendered to hospitals. Lawmakers say this will give mothers a responsible way of getting rid of the baby without the fear of criminal charges. Mothers usually dump their babies due to fear of society. Society does not really accept unwed mothers, or in some cases the mothers are young teenagers who are afraid of what their parent's will say or do to them.

If a mother knows she can dump her baby, it makes her less likely to find assistance earlier. Dumping your baby is not the answer, getting an abortion or giving the baby up for adoption is. However, allowing mothers to dump their babies to acceptable to places is better than finding a dead baby in a garbage can. The better answer is to take action before the baby is born.