Proof of God's Existence

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Josh Tatum

Foundations of Faith

Roy Sharp

November 21, 2014

Existence of God

Throughout history, one can see that for any significant movement, there is usually a significant counter-movement. It seems like more often than not, these counter movements are lead by young adults ranging in age from 17-25. For whatever developmental reasons, we are easily influenced by our peers, the popular opinion, or the media and related propaganda, typically trending towards the "against-the-norm" or rebellious opinion. As college-aged adults, we are the next generation to stand for, or against, whatever moral issue is brought to the political spotlight. This is the time in life that we tend to develop opinions about controversial subjects, be it homosexuality, abortions, recreational drugs, or religion.

In science classes all throughout school, we are presented countless quantities of information that supports the commonly accepted big-bang theory and evolution. Science, in the modern world, doesn't really embrace ideas of creation and intelligent design with open arms.

It's important not to overlook the resounding information in favor of God and creation that is so often discarded by the science community.

Thomas Aquinas, an Italian friar and priest, makes five very valid points that help prove the existence of God (a Creator). Aquinas points out that the universe is in continuous motion. It is known in physics that an object is at rest until a force acts on the object to cause motion. This is known as the unmoved mover, as there had to be an initial motion by someone/something to set the rest of the universe in motion. Aquinas also states that everything has a cause, and is simply the result of a previous action. If this is the case, there had to be a creator that serves as the first cause. Aquinas' third point...